Clerk React SDK

Clerk React is a wrapper around ClerkJS. It is the recommended way to integrate Clerk into your React application.


If you are using Next.js, please make sure to install @clerk/nextjs as @clerk/clerk-react is incompatible. See the Next.js documentation for more information.

Clerk React provides React.js implementations of Clerk Components; highly customizable, pre-built components that you can use to build beautiful user management applications. You can find display components for building sign-in, sign-up, account switching, and user profile management pages as well as flow control components that act as helpers for implementing a seamless authentication experience.

Clerk React comes loaded with custom hooks. These hooks give you access to the Clerk object, and a set of useful helper methods for signing in and signing up.

Setting up Clerk React

You need to create a Clerk application in your Clerk Dashboard before you can set up Clerk React. For more information, check out the Set up your application guide.

Once a Clerk application has been created, you can install and then start using Clerk React in your application. The quickstart guide will have all the information you need to get started.


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