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Multifactor Authentication

Add MFA to your application with the flip of a switch.

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Easy to implement

Implementing MFA no longer needs to be an error-prone headache. With Clerk, it's built in to work with the rest of your authentication flow, and even gives you Prebuilt-UIs so you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Stops 99.9% of account takeovers

Multifactor authentication is the best way to prevent account takeovers. Every application should allow users to enable this form of strong security.

Flexible MFA options

Empower your users with security how you see fit. With Or, enable every option and let your users decide.

SMS Passcodes

The most common way to implement MFA. While less secure than other options, it provides the most familiar UI and UX to your users.

Authenticator Apps (TOTP)

Enable MFA with Google authenticator, Authy, Duo, and other authenticator apps that follow the IETF standarized TOTP protocol.

Hardware Keys

FIDO2 hardware keys, such as YubiKeys, are a strong hardware based multifactor option.

Recovery Codes

Recovery codes are often used as a "backup" to MFA, when all else fails, your users can use these recovery codes to gain access to their account.
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