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Speed up your application with sub-millisecond authentication, mitigate hackers with active device management and revocation, and much more.

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What is session management?

When a user signs in, a session must be started on their device so their future requests can be authenticated.

Clerk manages the full session lifecycle: starting the session, authenticating requests while it's active, and terminating it upon expiration or revocation.


Don't let authentication slow your critical path

Our stateless architecture authenticates requests in less than 1 ms! That's faster than stateful systems built atop all leading key-value stores, like Cloudflare Workers KV which reports latency of 12 ms per read.

Authenticate in any environment

Especially as applications scale, requests often need to be authenticated in multiple environments. We built session management to work everywhere:

  • Edge, serverless, or server backends
  • With any programming language
  • Across multiple subdomains
Authenticate requests
in less than
1 ms


Stop account takeovers in their tracks

Our team is constantly assessing and protecting against the latest threats so you don't have to. Never again compromise on critical features like session revocation because they take too long to build – Clerk provides them out of the box.

Industry best practices

We follow the best practices set by OWASP and NIST. Session management includes an advanced suite of protections, including:

  • Active device monitoring
  • Revocable sessions
  • Session fixation protection
  • XSS leak protection
  • CSRF protection
  • Active session monitoringBeta
  • Session audit logsBeta

Visit our security learning center to learn more about these protections.

Interface included

Clerk provides a User Profile component for your users to manage their active devices.


User Experience

Support multiple sign-ins on one device

Many applications, like Google, expect users to have separate accounts for business and personal contexts. Session management enables users to sign into many accounts at once, and switch as needed.

Build cross-user experiences

When multiple users can stay signed in at once, it's possible to build cross-user experiences. For example, Twitter shows a notification indicator for every account that is signed in, not just the currently selected account.

Interface included

Clerk provides a User Button component for your users to switch between their signed in accounts.

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