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What is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On. It allows users to access an application with a third-party account. "Sign in with Google" is the most common example of Social SSO.

What is OAuth?

OAuth is a common protocol used to enable Social SSO. In the example of "Sign in with Google", Google runs an OAuth Server, while an application implements an OAuth Client.

Benefits of SSO

We highly recommend that developers offer SSO in their application. Based on our data, it's a win-win:

Authentication is faster with SSO

SSO averages 1.3 times faster than passwords, and 5.2 times faster than other passwordless authentication solutions like magic links

Most users prefer SSO

When available, 53% of users choose to sign in with SSO instead of alternatives.

Pick your providers

Clerk supports a wide range of Social SSO providers and we're always adding more. If you need a provider that isn't listed, please submit a request here.

Google SSO
Facebook SSO
Twitter SSO
GitHub SSO
GitLab SSO
Discord SSO
Twitch SSO
TikTok SSO
Hubspot SSO

Optimized for conversion

Don't spoil SSO's impressive performance with common mistakes. Clerk handles the edge cases of SSO gracefully, so users can always access your application quickly.

Every path is a happy path

Social SSO is an entrypoint for either Sign Up or Sign In, depending on if the user has signed up before.

Automatic account linking

If a user signs in with SSO after creating their account a different way, they are automatically linked to the original.

No lockouts

If a user signs up with SSO, they can still sign in using another method, like magic links.
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