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It’s great to see a service focus on taking away all the pain related to user management—not just login.

Guillermo Rauch
CEO, Vercel

Working on account.php at Facebook was like being in a landmine field, and I love that Clerk’s User Profile solves that.

Aditya Agrawal
Early employee, Facebook
Ex-CTO, Dropbox



Everything you need

The features your users expect

Signing up and signing in are the first interactions users will have with your product. Delight them with the familiar features they have come to expect.

Email and SMS authentication

Give users a beautiful. secure login experience using emails or phone numbers.

Social Logins

Grant faster access with Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter and more.


Allow users to sign in to multiple accounts at once

Passwordless authentication

Make passwords obsolete by sending Email Magic Links and One-time Password Codes (OTPs).

Multi Factor authentication

Encourage or require a second step during sign in.

Device management

Proactively notify users when a new device signs in.

Customizable to your business

Styling is just the start – we understand that every business has unique needs for their sign-up flow and can accommodate most requests out-of-the-box.

Your choice of authentication strategies

Different businesses needs users to sign in different ways – choose only the ones that are right for your application.

Match your brand

Add your logo and choose your font, colors, and other styles to match your brand.

Integrate your way

Embed the component in your page, overlay it in a modal, or forward users to the Clerk-hosted User Management Portal.

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Easy-to-use APIs

We obsess over every detail of our API definition, documentation, and helper libraries to ensure they are intuitive and developer-friendly.

import { SignedIn, SignedOut, SignIn }
from "@clerk/clerk-react";
function Dashboard() {
return (
<MyDashboard /> {/* Show dashboard */}
<SignIn /> {/* Show sign-in flow */}

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Cofounder, Newfront Insurance

Darragh Buckley

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