More than authentication.
Complete User Management

Clerk is more than a “sign-in box”. Integrate complete user management UIs and APIs,
purpose-built for React, Next.js, and the Modern Web.

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Securing 10,000+ applications and millions of users

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Designed for developers

Ridiculously easy authentication and user management

Finally, an authentication and user management service that “just works.” Choose between our fully featured UIs and our dead simple APIs to add authentication in minutes instead of months.

// Next.js app import { SignUp } from '@clerk/nextjs'; export default function Page() { return <SignUp />; }
Also works with 25+ more libraries

Completely Customizable

Match your brand, build your flows

We know the sign up and sign in screens are critical touch points to activate your users. So, we’ve built beautiful pre-built components for you to use, and powerful customization tools that works with any styling library.

If that’s not enough, our powerful APIs let you easily build your own flow so that you can control every facet of your user’s experience.

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Built for the Modern Web

The most powerful APIs
built specifically for the Modern Web

New technologies have made building on the web much easier; however, many dev tools haven’t kept up. At Clerk, we believe a component is worth 1,000 APIs and that they should work seamlessly in any stack so that you can build faster.

Docs for Clerk + JavaScriptDocs for Clerk + ReactDocs for Clerk + Next.jsDocs for Clerk + RemixDocs for Clerk + GatsbyDocs for Clerk + RedwoodDocs for Clerk + ExpoDocs for Clerk + NodeDocs for Clerk + RubyDocs for Clerk + GoDocs for Clerk + SupabaseDocs for Clerk + FirebaseDocs for Clerk + FaunaDocs for Clerk + Hasura

Why Clerk

Created by engineers and founders, we built Clerk from the ground up to solve our own problem.

About our company

Developer Experience

We are a team of dev-tool experts, and know all the pain points involved with building for the web. We’ve painstakingly built the authentication platform you’ve always wished you had — one that “just works”, and one that still keeps you in control of your user data and user experience.


Secure by Default

We are a team of experienced web-security experts focused on helping you ship your product securely, without having to sweat over all the intricate security details. All of our APIs are built following industry best-practices and are regularly audited by 3rd parties.


Dedicated Partners

We know auth is core to your app, so we go above and beyond to make sure you’re well supported. There’s always someone on call to answer any questions you may have, or there in case of emergencies. We offer industry leading SLAs and support agreements.



Trusted by startups and

the world's largest companies

Clerk's integration

gives Supabase developers another incredible option for handling authentication. And the Clerk team are a pleasure to work with.


Paul Copplestone

Supabase Cofounder

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© 2023 Clerk Inc.