Very Merry Changelog, Dec 24, 2021


We've launched custom JWTs for authentication, improved security for magic links, easier onboarding and productionizing, and a new homepage! Happy holidays!

Happy holidays everyone, and welcome to our very merry changelog!

Before stepping away for the holidays, we finished up a ton of new features to help your holiday side projects and beyond.

Although much of our team is off celebrating next week, we're still closely monitoring our uptime metrics and support channels - please drop us a line if there's anything we can help with.

Custom JWT templates for third-party authentication

JWTs have become the standard for syncing sessions between third-parties.

JWTs have always been the secret behind our integration with Hasura. When a user has an authenticated session with Clerk, we enable you to generate a special JWT for authentication with Hasura.

Now we've expanded on that concept, so you can generate custom JWTs to integrate with any vendor that supports them. Read more about generating custom JWTs in our documentation.

Magic link emails now include the device type for extra security (e.g. "Chrome, OS X"). This extra information is to help ensure that users don't click the magic link if it was requested by someone else.

Easier onboarding

We've added a quickstart to our onboarding, so you can choose your desired configuration faster.

Easier productionizing

Moving Clerk to production requires you to configure some DNS settings. We've improved our dashboard to better guide you through the process.

New homepage

We've launched a new homepage to reinforce our commitment to the Modern Web and frameworks like Next.js, Gatsby, and Expo.