The easy solution to Next.js authentication

Magic links, social sign-in, multifactor auth, and more – added to your application in minutes.


Purpose built for the Next.js App Router

Auth middleware and first-class support for React Server Components provide secure page protection and easy access to user and session context within server components, actions, and route handlers.

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Really good stuff. The Next.js integration story is already really quite good and the Clerk team has really good ideas on how to make it even better and more seamless.

Guillermo Rauch
import { SignIn } from '@clerk/nextjs';  ...    return (      <>        <BackgroundImage />        <SignIn />      </>    );  ...


Your sign-in flow is the only thing sitting between existing users and your application.

From traditional passwords and social sign-on, to custom OAuth integrations, Clerk empowers your users by letting them sign into your application using their preferred method, all while reducing the complexities required to build these flows.

import { UserProfile } from '@clerk/nextjs';  ...    return (      <>        <CustomHeader />        <UserProfile />      </>    );  ...


A place for your users to change their password, turn on MFA, revoke bad sessions, and more.

Drop-in components provide a simple and clean experience for your users to manage their account, without you having to manually build out the necessary forms, logic, or complex data structures.

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Complete user management

Clerk is the ideal solution to Next.js authentication. Integrate complete user management into your application quickly, without sacrificing security.


Our easy-to-follow documentation will get your application working with user management and authentication quickly. Save development time with Clerk's comprehensive suite of tools.

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Get a crash course in Clerk and Next.js by building a to-do app following our guide. Learn how simple and quick it is to get authentication set up in your application.

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GitHub Repository

Get started with Clerk and Next.js! We created a simple Clerk + Next.js starter repository so that you can begin building your application immediately.

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Magic links

Make passwords obsolete by sending your users magic links.

Session management

Revocable and stateless, the best of both worlds.

Multifactor authentication

Secure your users with multiple steps during sign in.

Social sign-in

Let your users sign in with Google, Facebook, and more.

Multi-session management

Allow your users to sign in to multiple accounts at once.

New device notifications

Proactively notify users when a new device signs in. Let's your users protect themself.

Password leak protection

Proactively protects your users against passwords that appear in leaks.

Advanced security

Clerk detects and blocks phishy sign ins out of the box.