Changelog Feb 11, 2022


Usernames from social logins, a suite of frontend-accessible database integrations, Dropbox and Bitbucket social logins, BCrypt and Django password migrations

Usernames from social logins

We now save usernames from social login providers that provide them through their OpenID connect flow. This includes:

  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Twitter
  • Bitbucket
  • Discord
  • Twitch

The username is accessible in the external_accounts section of the User object.

Frontend-accessible database suite

Clerk now has integrations with three different vendors who enable frontend developers to make database queries, including:

These vendors share an ethos with Clerk. We each believe in empowering frontend developers to do more on their own, without requiring the assistance of a backend developer.

Up next, we we will add Fauna to the suite.

Dropbox and Bitbucket social login

This week, we added Dropbox and Bitbucket to our list of social login providers.

We're particularly excited to add Bitbucket, which rounds out the version control suite of Bitbucket, Gitlab, and Github.

Next, we plan to add Microsoft, Apple, and Notion.

BCrypt and Django password migrations

Our API endpoint for migrating users now accepts both BCrypt and Django-style (pbkdf2-sha256) password digests.

Need to migrate a different password digest? Please contact support and we can add support in under 1 week.