Changelog Apr 22, 2022


Expo / React Native support, "slug" field for organizations, usernames in JWT templates, and a bucket o' Remix updates

Expo / React Native support

The full Clerk API is now supported in Expo and React Native!

This is our first SDK for mobile and charts a course for future integrations.

The patterns are extensible to any native client (mobile, native desktop, chrome extensions) and open source in our Javascript repository.

Thanks to the contributors: Sokratis Vidros

Organization "slug" field

Development of our Organization Management features continues!

This week we added a URL-friendly "slug" field to assist developers who configure one-subdomain-per-organization.

Thanks to the contributors: Giannis Katsanos

Usernames in JWT templates

The {{user.username}} shortcode has been added to JWT templates so developers can securely pass the active user's usernames anywhere they need.

Thanks to the contributors: Agis Anastasopoulos, Haris Chaniotakis

Bucket o' Remix updates

We launched a ton of new content about our Remix integration this week:

Thanks to the contributors: Charles Wefso, Ian McPhail, Braden Sidoti, Colin Sidoti