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Integrating user auth with a bunch of providers is always an annoying part of building a web app. I'm impressed with how quickly you can get up and running and how well things work together with Clerk, Fauna, and Remix.

Kent C. Dodds
Co-Founder, Remix
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Why Clerk for Remix authentication?

Remix and Clerk are both built for speed, with native support for SSR and edge computing environments. Plus, Clerk uses JWTs so Remix authentication is stateless and takes under one millisecond.

Beyond our similar philosophy, the greatest benefits of Clerk are our flexible authentication strategies, the beautiful components we provide, and our seamless integration experience. Learn more below!

Authenticate users any way you want

Easily choose one or many ways for your users to sign in.


Not just any "magic word" is safe – we use HaveIBeenPwned to block credential stuffing

OAuth & Social

The fastest solution to signing in, and it's preferred by most users when available

Email Passcodes (OTP)

Ask users to relay a 6 digit passcode sent to their email – simple but effective!

Email Magic Links

Made popular by Slack, send users a link that automatically signs them in

Web3 (Metamask)

Fast like OAuth, but with a privacy-conscious keypair instead of a third-party vendor

SMS Passcodes (OTP)

Ask users to relay a 6 digit passcode sent to their phone – great for mobile!

Use high-conversion, beautiful components

We built user management UIs so you don't have to – free in every plan! Mount them in React, or let Clerk host them for you.


sign up component


sign in component


user profile component


user button component

Access user data in any Remix context

Loaders and Actions

Simply call getAuth(request) to access the active user ID and session ID

React (Server and Client)

Call useUser() to access profile information, or useAuth() for a signed JWT with session data
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