Changelog October 7, 2022


Refreshed branding, improved Next.js authentication SDK, MFA backup codes, and Sign in with Coinbase

Refreshed branding

Meet the new Clerk! We've refreshed our brand with a new logo, new colors, and a new homepage.

Thanks to the contributors: Charles Wefso, Marcel Cruz, Braden Sidoti

Improved Next.js authentication SDK

We launched @clerk/nextjs v4.5, an easier approach to authentication in Next.js. This standardizes our API in API routes, getServerSideProps, and middleware to a single getAuth() helper.

Thanks to the contributors: Mark Pitsilos, Nikos Douvlis

Backup codes for MFA

Backup codes have been added as a multi-factor authentication method in our <UserProfile/> component, and corresponding APIs have been added to our useUser() hook.

In the <UserProfile/> component, backup codes are presented to the user after configuring either an authenticator applicator or SMS codes for their second factor.

Thanks to the contributors: Haris Chaniotakis

Sign in with Coinbase

Sign in with Coinbase has been added as a Social identity provider. Toggle it on from the Clerk dashboard!

Thanks to the contributors: Haris Chaniotakis