IdP-initiated SSO & SAML is Generally Available


SAML Enterprise Connections are now GA and we've added IdP Initiated SSO

SAML Enterprise Connections are now Generally Available

You may have heard this was coming when we shared our notice in February that SAML Enterprise Connections were exiting Beta. Well... today is the day. Thank you to all of the customers who participated in the Beta and helped harden this functionality 🎉.

But like Steve Jobs often said, there's one more thing...

IdP Initiated SSO is here

Along with the GA, we're also releasing IdP-initiated SSO. This means your customers can now use their IdP of choice (Google Workspace, Microsoft AD, Okta, etc) to initiate sign ins, instead of having to start at your app's Sign In views.

While this can be a major quality of life upgrade for your users who already use their IdP's for their other applications, it's important to weigh the risks of IdP-intiated SSO for your application.

If you think your users would be interested in this, have a peek at our IdP-initiated flow docs.

A few more things...

Apologies. I said one more thing but I guess I meant, a few more things. I got caught up in the moment 🙇.

In addition to the GA and the IdP-initiated feature release, we also made some quality-of-life improvements to the Dashboard when configuring Enterprise Connections. The new updates make it less error prone and more intuitive to provision the different providers, and improve the overall developer experience.

Alongside the GA we also released a few specific tutorials that cover setting up SAML Enterprise Connections for Azure, Google Workspace, and Okta.

If you haven't taken a look at Enterprise Connections in a bit, we encourage you to take another look!