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Organization membership requests

These are methods on the Organization class that allow you to manage the membership requests for an organization.


Retrieves a list of membership requests for the currently active organization.

function getMembershipRequests(params?: GetMembershipRequestParams): Promise<PaginatedResources<OrganizationMembershipRequest>>;


initialPage?numberA number that can be used to skip the first n-1 pages. For example, if initialPage is set to 10, it is will skip the first 9 pages and will fetch the 10th page.
pageSize?numberA number that indicates the maximum number of results that should be returned for a specific page.
status?'pending' | 'accepted' | 'revoked'The status a request can have.


Promise<PaginatedResponse<OrganizationMembershipRequest>>This method returns a Promise which resolves with a list of OrganizationMembershipRequest objects.

Last updated on December 4, 2023

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