Oct 08, 2021



Oct 08, 2021

Changelog Oct 8, 2021

Colin Sidoti

Colin Sidoti

Style with the `theme` prop, set a custom session duration, startup pricing, and beta for "magic links"

Style with the `theme` prop

Continuing our focus on customization, we have introduced a code-side theme prop to <ClerkProvider/> that can be used instead of CSS overrides.

`theme` prop usage
`theme` prop usage

To see the complete set of options, please check out our new documentation on Customization.

And we're still just scratching the surface – more work on custom styling is underway!

Custom session duration

Session duration can now be customized in the dashboard:

User sessions settings
Modify the session duration from your User Management settings

A second setting to automatically extend the session with user activity will be introduced soon.

Startup pricing

Today we're announcing a special pricing partnerships with 8 startup communities:

  • South Park Commons (our own incubator!)
  • YCombinator
  • Techstars
  • OnDeck
  • Heavybit
  • LaunchHouse
  • Haystack Ventures
  • L2 Ventures

If you are a part of one of these communities, please find your pricing through your "Deals" page. If you run a community and would like a Clerk deal, please reach out.

We're opening up the beta for our new "magic link" authentication factor, which emails users a verification link instead of a one-time verification code. If you'd like to be added to the beta, please reach out through any of our support channels.

Here's a short demo of the user experience, which shows how we handle clicking the verification link while the originating tab is still open:

Magic link user experience
Magic link user experience

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