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<AuthenticateWithRedirectCallback />

The <AuthenticateWithRedirectCallback /> is used to complete a custom OAuth flow. Simply render the component under the route you passed as redirectUrl to the authenticateWithRedirect methods.


This example below uses built in Next.js pages, but you could use any routing library you want.

import '@/styles/globals.css'; import { ClerkProvider, SignedIn, SignedOut, useSignIn } from '@clerk/nextjs'; import { AppProps } from 'next/app'; import { useRouter } from 'next/router'; const publicPages: Array<string> = []; const SignInOAuthButtons = () => { const { signIn, isLoaded } = useSignIn(); if (!isLoaded) { return null; } const signInWithGoogle = () => signIn.authenticateWithRedirect({ strategy: 'oauth_google', redirectUrl: '/sso-callback', redirectUrlComplete: '/' }); return <button onClick={signInWithGoogle}>Sign in with Google</button>; }; function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) { const { pathname } = useRouter(); const isPublicPage = publicPages.includes(pathname); return ( <ClerkProvider {...pageProps}> {isPublicPage ? ( <Component {...pageProps} /> ) : ( <> <SignedIn> <Component {...pageProps} /> </SignedIn> <SignedOut> <SignInOAuthButtons /> </SignedOut> </> )} </ClerkProvider> ); } export default MyApp;

Once you have implemented your sign in flow, you can implement the callback page.

import { AuthenticateWithRedirectCallback } from '@clerk/nextjs'; export default function SSOCallBack() { return <AuthenticateWithRedirectCallback />; }


afterSignInUrlstringFull URL or path to navigate after successful sign in.
afterSignUpUrlstringFull URL or path to navigate after successful sign up.
redirectUrlstringFull URL or path to navigate after successful sign in or sign up. This is the same as setting afterSignInUrl and afterSignUpUrl to the same value.
secondFactorUrlstringFull URL or path to navigate during sign in, if 2FA is enabled.

Last updated on February 13, 2024

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