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The layout key can be used to change the layout of the <SignIn/> and <SignUp/> components, as well as important links to your support, terms, and privacy pages.


import { ClerkProvider } from '@clerk/nextjs'; <ClerkProvider appearance={{ layout: { socialButtonsPlacement: 'bottom', socialButtonsVariant: 'iconButton', termsPageUrl: '' } }} > {/* ... */} </ClerkProvider>;


helpPageUrlstringThe URL to your help page
logoImageUrlstringThe URL to your logo image
logoPlacementstring The placement of your logo. The options are:
  • inside
  • outside
privacyPageUrlstringThe URL to your privacy page
showOptionalFieldsbooleanWhether to show optional fields on sign up.
socialButtonsPlacementstring The placement of your social buttons. The options are:
  • bottom
  • top
socialButtonsVariantstring The variant of your social buttons. The options are:
  • blockButton
  • textButton
  • auto
termsPageUrlstringThe URL to your terms page

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