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Application errors

An index of Clerk errors related to an application, such as when an application is not found, or when a user tries to perform an action that they are not authorized to do.


Signifies an error when no application with the given appID was found.

{ "shortMessage": "Application not found", "longMessage": "No application was found with id <appID>", "code": "resource_not_found_code" }


Signifies an error when a user tries to delete a system application that they are not authorized to delete.

{ "shortMessage": "Unauthorized request", "longMessage": "You are not authorized to delete system application <applicationID>", "code": "authorization_invalid_code" }


Signifies an error when trying to move an application to an organization that the requesting user does not belong to.

{ "shortMessage": "unauthorized request", "longMessage": "You need to be a member of organization <OrgID>, in order to move application <AppID>.", "code": "authorization_invalid_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "already belongs to organization", "longMessage": "Application already belongs to the selected organization.", "code": "application_already_belongs_to_organization_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "already belongs to user", "longMessage": "Application already belongs to the given user.", "code": "application_already_belongs_to_user_code" }


Returned when an invalid plan is selected for a resource.

{ "shortMessage": "Invalid plan", "longMessage": "Plan <planID> can't be selected for <resourceType> <resourceID>", "code": "invalid_plan" }


{ "shortMessage": "cannot transfer paid application, missing billing info", "longMessage": "Paid applications can only be transferred to personal workspaces or organizations with billing info. Add the necessary billing info and try again.", "code": "transfer_paid_app_to_free_account_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "cannot transfer paid application, missing payment method", "longMessage": "The selected account doesn't have any payment methods associated with it.", "code": "transfer_paid_app_to_account_with_no_payment_method_code" }

Last updated on March 22, 2024

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