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Billing errors

An index of Clerk errors related to billing.


{ "shortMessage": "Checkout is still processing", "longMessage": "Checkout is still processing for application ID <appID>", "code": "checkout_locked_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "Checkout session ID mismatch", "longMessage": "Application ID <APPID> has no matching checkout session ID <SESSID>", "code": "checkout_session_mismatch_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "Unsupported plan features", "longMessage": "Some features are not supported in your current plan. Upgrade your subscription to unlock them.", "code": "unsupported_subscription_plan_features_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "Unsupported plan features", "longMessage": "Some application features are not supported in your new plan. Stay with your current plan to avoid breaking changes.", "code": "invalid_subscription_plan_switch_code" }

Last updated on February 22, 2024

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