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Sign in token errors

An index of Clerk errors related to sign in tokens.


{ "shortMessage": "sign in token has been revoked", "longMessage": "This sign in token has been revoked and cannot be used anymore.", "code": "sign_in_token_revoked_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "sign in token has already been used", "longMessage": "This sign in token has already been used. Each token can only be used once.", "code": "sign_in_token_already_used_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "sign in token cannot be used", "longMessage": "This sign in token cannot be used anymore. Please request a new one.", "code": "sign_in_token_cannot_be_used_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "not in sign in", "longMessage": "Sign in tokens can only be used during sign in.", "code": "sign_in_token_not_in_sign_in_code" }


{ "shortMessage": "cannot revoke", "longMessage": "Sign in token cannot be revoked because its status is <status>. Only pending tokens can be revoked.", "code": "sign_in_token_cannot_be_revoked_code" }

Last updated on February 22, 2024

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