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Quickstarts & Tutorials

Explore our end-to-end tutorials and getting started guides for different application stacks using Clerk.

UI Components

Clerk's pre-built UI components give you a beautiful, fully-functional user management experience in minutes.

API Reference

Dig into our API reference documentation and SDKs. We have everything you need to get started setting up authentication with Clerk.


Account security is the top concern of every feature we build. This documentation lists some of the many protections included with Clerk.


Easily add secure, beautiful, and fast authentication to Next.js with Clerk.


Get started installing and initializing Clerk in a new Create React App.


Easily add secure, edge- and SSR-friendly authentication to Remix with Clerk.


Learn about installing and initializing Clerk in a new Gatsby application.


Grow your RedwoodJS application with Clerk user management and authentication.

React Native / Expo

Use Clerk with Expo to authenticate users in your React Native application.

Node / Express

Quickly add authentication and user management to your Node.js application.

Ruby on Rails

Integrate user management and authentication into your Ruby application.


Clerk's SDKs allow you to call the Clerk server API without having to implement the calls yourself.


Clerk supports multiple authentication strategies so you can implement the strategy that makes sense for your users.

User management

Complete user management. Add sign up, sign in, and profile management to your application in minutes.

Database integrations

Enable Clerk-managed users to authenticate and interact directly with your database with Clerk's integrations.


Clerk's components can be customized to match the look and feel of your application.


Organizations are shared accounts, useful for project and team leaders. Members with elevated privileges can manage member access to the organization's data and resources.

What is Clerk authentication?

Clerk offers multiple authentication strategies to identify legitimate users of your appication, and to allow them to make authenticated requests to your backend.

What is the “User” object?

The User object contains all account information that describes a user of your app in Clerk. Users can authenticate and manage their accounts, update their personal and contact info, or set up security features for their accounts.

How do organizations work?

Organizations allow members to collaborate across shared resources. Each member of an organization needs to have a user account in your application. All organization members have access to most of the organization resources, but some members can take advantage of administrative features.

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