Simple and Powerful AuthBuilt for Node.js

Magic links, social sign-in, multifactor, and more - added to your app in minutes.

Fast integration

Clerk makes it possible to quickly add authentication and user management to your Node.js application.

Express middleware

Implement your own logic for handling a logged-in or logged-out user in your express endpoints or custom middleware, depending on whether your users are trying to access a public or protected resource.

Backend API

The Clerk Backend API is built to be used from your backend code. We make our best attempt to make your Clerk resources available to you in a predictable manner. All requests accept form-encoded request bodies, and respond with a JSON-encoded body.

user management

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Complete user management

Clerk makes integrating user management and authentication into your Node.js application simple, quick and straight-forward. Get started with Clerk now!


Our easy to follow documentation will get your application working with user management and authentication quickly. Save development time with Clerk's comprehensive suite of tools.


Check out Clerk's open source resources to learn more about the SDK and to see working examples of authentication with Clerk combined with Node and Express.


The Clerk Node SDK allows you to call the Clerk server API from node, JavaScript, or TypeScript code without having to implement the calls yourself.

Radically Simple.

It only takes one line of code.


Clerk's intuitive user operations give you the ability to easily create, retrieve, update, or delete users. If the user does not exist, and error will be thrown.

import { users } from '@clerk/clerk-sdk-node';
const usersList = await users.getUserList();

Immensely Powerful.

The features your users expect.

Magic links

Make passwords obsolete by sending your users magic links

Session management

Revocable and stateless, the best of both worlds.

Multifactor authentication

Secure your users with multiple steps during sign in.

Social sign-in

Let your users sign in with Google, Facebook, and more

Multi-session management

Allow your users to sign in to multiple accounts at once.

New device notifications

Proactively notify users when a new device signs in. Let's your users protect themself.

Password leak protection

Proactively protects your users against passwords that appear in leaks.

Advanced security

Clerk detects and blocks phishy sign ins out of the box.
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