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Allowlist / Blocklist


The allowlist feature allows you to control who can get access to your application. It can restrict sign-ups to only a certain set of email addresses or phone numbers that you define. This can be used in a way that acts as a reverse blocklist, only allowing the users added to access your application and blocking all others. (Note: Allowlist is a premium feature and is not available on the Free plan. Upgrade your plan to enable this feature.)

Be aware that turning on the allowlist feature without adding any identifier exceptions blocks all sign-ups.


Allowlist configuration screen

After turning on the allowlist feature, you can add individual email addresses and phone numbers, or whitelist entire email domains.

For example, if you add as an allowed email domain, it means that anybody with a email address can sign up for your application. Email addresses from different domains will not be able to sign up.

This feature also supports Web3 wallet addresses. Read more about getting started with Web3 authentication.

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