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Rate limits

Clerk rate limits certain endpoints to help protect users against brute-force attacks or to stop abuse of Clerk's platform. Rate limiting is based on IP addresses.


If you receive a 429 error code, that means your IP address has been rate limited. All subsequent requests to that specific endpoint coming from your IP address will be blocked for a given amount of time.

Requests that have been rate limited, will receive the Retry-After response header, which contains the number of seconds after which the block expires.

Frontend API requests

Create SignIn/v1/sign_ins7 requests per 10 seconds
Create SignUp/v1/sign_ups7 requests per 10 seconds
Attempt SignIn/v1/sign_ins/attempt_(first|second)_factor3 requests per 10 seconds
Attempt SignUp/v1/sign_ups/attempt_verification3 requests per 10 seconds

Backend API requests

Create usersPOST /v1/users20 requests per 10 seconds
All other endpoints100 requests per 10 seconds

Last updated on January 8, 2024

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