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Authentication Object


The ID of the active user, or null when signed out. In data-loaders, this is often the only piece of information needed to securely retrieve the data associated with a request.


The ID of the active session, or null when signed out. This is primarily used in audit logs to enable device-level granularity instead of user-level.


If user impersonation is being used, this field will contain information about the impersonator.

getToken({ template?: string; })string

Retrieves a signed JWT that is structured according to the corresponding JWT template in your dashboard. If no template parameter is provided, a default Clerk session JWT is returned.


A unique identifier for this organization.


The role that the user will have in the organization. Valid values are admin and basic_member


All claims for the JWT associated with the current user


sessionId: 'sess_2GaMqUCB3Sc1WNAkWuNzsnYVVEy',
userId: 'user_2F2u1wtUyUlxKgFkKqtJNtpJJWj',
orgId: null,
getToken: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)],
claims: {
azp: 'http://localhost:3000',
exp: 1666622607,
iat: 1666622547,
iss: '',
nbf: 1666622537,
sid: 'sess_2GaMqUCB3Sc1WNAkWuNzsnYVVEy',
sub: 'user_2F2u1wtUyUlxKgFkKqtJNtpJJWj'

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