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Web3Wallet verification

The Web3Wallet object has methods that allow you to verify a user's web3 wallet.


function prepareVerification(params: PrepareWeb3WalletVerificationParams): Promise<Web3Wallet>;

Kick off the verification process for this web3 wallet. The user will be prompted to sign a generated nonce by the browser extension e.g MetaMask.


strategy'web3_metamask_signature'The verification strategy.
Possible strategy values are:
  • web3_metamask_signature: User will need to sign a message and generate a signature using MetaMask browser extension.


function attemptVerification(params: AttemptWeb3WalletVerificationParams): Promise<Web3Wallet>;

Attempts to verify this web3 wallet, by passing the generated signature.


signaturestringThe signature that was generated after prepareVerification was called.

Last updated on February 21, 2024

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