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Authentication Object


actorHolds identifier for the user that is impersonating the current user
debugUsed to help debug issues when using Clerk in development
getTokenA function that returns a promise that resolves to the current user's session token; can also be used to retrieve a custom JWT template
orgIdThe current user's organization ID
orgRoleThe current user's organization role
orgSlugThe current user's organization slug
organizationThe current user's organization object
sessionClaimThe current user's session claim
sessionIdThe current user's session ID
userIdThe current user's unique identifier


{ sessionId: 'sess_2GaMqUCB3Sc1WNAkWuNzsnYVVEy', userId: 'user_2F2u1wtUyUlxKgFkKqtJNtpJJWj', orgId: null, getToken: [AsyncFunction (anonymous)], claims: { azp: 'http://localhost:3000', exp: 1666622607, iat: 1666622547, iss: '', nbf: 1666622537, sid: 'sess_2GaMqUCB3Sc1WNAkWuNzsnYVVEy', sub: 'user_2F2u1wtUyUlxKgFkKqtJNtpJJWj' } }

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