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Use Clerk with RedwoodJS

Learn how to use Clerk to quickly and easily add secure authentication and user management to your RedwoodJS application.

Create a RedwoodJS application

yarn create redwood-app my-redwood-project --typescript

Set environment variables

Below is an example of an .env.local file.

Pro tip! If you are signed into your Clerk Dashboard, your secret key should become visible by clicking on the eye icon. Otherwise, you can find your keys in the Clerk Dashboard on the API Keys(opens in a new tab) page.


Update redwood.toml

[web] includeEnvironmentVariables = ['CLERK_PUBLISHABLE_KEY']

Set up Redwood auth

The next step is to run a Redwood CLI command to install the required packages and generate some boilerplate code:

yarn rw setup auth clerk --force

The --force flag is needed to overwrite the existing dbAuth logic, that is set by default.

You can now access Clerk functions through the Redwood useAuth() hook, which is exported from src/web/auth.tsx, or you can use the Clerk components directly.

Protecting your pages

Below is an example of using the useAuth hook to verify if the user is authenticated. This will open a modal for your user to sign in to their account.

import { useAuth } from '../../auth' const HomePage = () => { const { currentUser, isAuthenticated, logIn, logOut } = useAuth() return ( <> {isAuthenticated ? ( <button onClick={logOut}>Log out</button> <h1>Hello {currentUser.firstName}</h1> ) : ( <button onClick={logIn}>Log in</button> )} </> ) } export default HomePage

Using Clerk components directly

import { SignInButton, UserButton } from '@clerk/clerk-react' import { useAuth } from '../../auth' const HomePage = () => { const { currentUser, isAuthenticated } = useAuth() return ( <> {isAuthenticated ? ( <UserButton afterSignOutUrl={window.location.href} /> <h1>Hello {currentUser.firstName}</h1> ) : ( <SignInButton mode="modal" /> )} </> ) }

Next steps

Now that you have an application integrated with Clerk, you will want to read the following documentation:

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Last updated on March 1, 2024

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