Clerk + Grafbase

Authenticate your Grafbase GraphQL requests using Clerk as an authentication provider.

Iterate and deploy globally, fast

Model your GraphQL API using a schema-first approach. Go from idea to production in seconds without spending time on infrastructure. Grafbase makes it easy to deploy blazing fast GraphQL APIs to the edge without cold starts.

Custom claims

JWT Templates

Using JWT Templates you can set Clerk as your authentication provider for granting users access to your Grafbase instance.

Signed-in user access

Allow access to your Grafbase data for any signed-in user.

Group based access

Allow access to your Grabfase data based on the signed-in user group. Programmatically set this group based on the Clerk user metadata.

Grafbase and GraphQL

Grafbase gives you all the tools to build and deploy instant serverless GraphQL backends. Developers can evolve their schema via pull requests, and obtain production-ready preview deployments with their proposed schema changes in seconds.

Build Locally

The Grafbase Command Line Interface (CLI) gives you the power to create and develop projects locally, directly from the terminal.

Deploy to the edge

Sensors indicate no shuttle or other ships in this sector. Tractor beam released, sir. Force field maintaining our hull integrity.

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The Frontend Stack

Grafbase and Clerk are part of the modern Frontend Stack.

SaaS is moving to the frontend, enabled by easy-to-use frameworks such as Next.js. Modern web services like Clerk and Grafbase, work intuitively together and don't require backend setup, allowing you to quickly develop high-quality applications.

The Frontend Stack saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on what makes your application unique.

Get Started with Clerk + Grafbase

Check out our documentation on getting started with Clerk and Grafbase, or work through our end-to-end tutorial.

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