Clerk + Supabase

Seamlessly combine the best of Clerk's authentication and user management with Supabase's backend solutions.

Open source

Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative that provides a large selection of database management tools. Open source software solutions allow for more flexibility and innovation in a cost effective way, with the added transparency of publicly available source code.

Clerk is embracing open source solutions by making our complete Javascript repository open source.

JWT template

JWT Templates

Using JWT Templates you can set up Clerk as an authentication provider to Supabase in minutes.

Custom Claims

Our template is pre-populated with the default claims required by Supabase, but we make it easy to include additional claims or modify them as necessary.

Row Level Security

Supabase's use of Row Level Security gives you the ability to add policies which allow the requesting Clerk-managed user to access only their own data.

Build faster

Supabase's easy to use suite of tools allows developers to create a backend in less than 2 minutes.

PostgreSQL database

Every project is a full Postgres database, the world's most trusted relational database.

Realtime enabled

Subscribe and react to database changes, milliseconds after they happen.


The Frontend Stack

Supabase and Clerk are part of the modern Frontend Stack.

SaaS is moving to the frontend, enabled by easy-to-use frameworks such as Next.js. Integrating Supabase's open source tools for database management with Clerk's authentication and user-management can be done in minutes. Get the security and speed of industry leading software, while not having to touch any backend code.

The Frontend Stack saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on what makes your application special.

Get Started with Clerk + Supabase

Check out our documentation on getting started with Clerk and Supabase, or work through our end-to-end tutorial.

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