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Using Clerk Components

Use the pre-built Clerk Components to control the look and feel of your sign-in and sign-up


If you want more control over the look and feel of your sign-up and sign-in experience, but you don't want to build one entirely from scratch, you can use the pre-built Clerk Components.

Clerk provides <SignUp /> and <SignIn /> components that render entire flows. Using these, Clerk will take care of everything from verifying the user's email address to letting your user add 2FA. Each of these components is also completely customizable via CSS and the appearance prop.

You don't need to pass any special options to the SignUp and SignIn components to get them to render. Your preferred authentication settings will just work since it has already been configured through the Clerk dashboard.

For more details on the available component options as well as how you can customize them, please visit the <SignUp /> and <SignIn /> component guides.

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