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Deletes an EmailAddress for a given ID.

function deleteEmailAddress: (emailAddressId: string) => Promise<EmailAddress>;

deleteEmailAddress() parameters

emailAddressIdstringThe ID of the email address to delete.

deleteEmailAddress() example

const emailAddressId = 'idn_2bxnrjq6IbzcU4iOR5i13v29VPK'; const response = await clerkClient.emailAddresses.deleteEmailAddress(emailAddressId); console.log(response); /* _DeletedObject { object: 'email_address', id: 'idn_2bxnrjq6IbzcU4iOR5i13v29VPK', slug: null, deleted: true } */

Backend API (BAPI) endpoint

This method in the SDK is a wrapper around the BAPI endpoint DELETE/email_addresses/{email_address_id}. See the BAPI reference(opens in a new tab) for more details.

Last updated on February 22, 2024

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