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Updates an EmailAddress with a given ID with attribute values provided in a params object.

function updateEmailAddress: (emailAddressId: string, params: UpdateEmailAddressParams) => Promise<EmailAddress>;


primary?booleanWhether or not to set the email address as the user's primary email address.
verified?booleanWhether or not the email address is verified.

updateEmailAddress() example

Let's start with an EmailAddress object that looks like this:

_EmailAddress { id: 'idn_2bxp56VCiqMn4ClF3oMXBaF9iec', emailAddress: '', verification: _Verification { status: 'verified', strategy: 'from_oauth_google', externalVerificationRedirectURL: null, attempts: null, expireAt: null, nonce: null }, linkedTo: [ _IdentificationLink { id: 'idn_2bxfCN3UaowKZYKJJKcefzOLq0E', type: 'oauth_google' } ] }

Let's update the email address to be unverified:

const emailAddressId = 'idn_2bxp56VCiqMn4ClF3oMXBaF9iec'; const params = { verified: false }; const response = await clerkClient.emailAddresses.updateEmailAddress(emailAddressId, params); console.log(response); /* _EmailAddress { id: 'idn_2bxp56VCiqMn4ClF3oMXBaF9iec', emailAddress: '', verification: null, linkedTo: [] } */

As you can see in the response, the email address is now unverified.

Backend API (BAPI) endpoint

This method in the SDK is a wrapper around the BAPI endpoint PATCH/email_addresses/{email_address_id}. See the BAPI reference(opens in a new tab) for more details.

Last updated on February 22, 2024

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