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Email verification

These are all methods on the SignUp class that allow you to verify a user's sign-up request via email.


function prepareEmailAddressVerification(params?: PrepareEmailAddressVerificationParams): Promise<SignUp>;

Helper method that allows you to initiate a verification process for an email address. It basically sends a one-time code to the email address already supplied to the current sign-up.

The defaults of this method are equivalent to calling SignUp.prepareVerification('email_code').


strategy'email_code' | 'email_link'The verification strategy to validate the user's sign-up request.
The following strategies are supported:
  • email_code: Send an email with a unique token to input.
  • email_link: Send an email with a link which validates sign-up
redirectUrlstringThe URL to redirect the user to after the verification process is complete.
Only supported on email_link, oauth_<provider>, and saml strategies.


function attemptEmailAddressVerification(params: AttemptEmailAddressVerificationParams): Promise<SignUp>;

Helper method that attempts to complete the verification process for an email address. It basically verifies that the supplied code is the same as the one-time code that was sent to the email address during the prepare verification phase.

This is equivalent to calling SignUp.attemptVerification({strategy: 'email_code', ...params}).


codestringThe code that was sent to the user via email.

Last updated on October 5, 2023

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